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Mt. Washington Valley Kustomz Exhausts

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We now offer custom exhaust bending services. We can provide for all your exhaust needs including performance or OE replacements on most cars and  trucks. Give us a call or stop by for a free estimate - we'd love to help you out and put our new bending equipment to good use!

Why Custom Exhaust?

+​Even when a vehicle is well-made by the manufacturer, there may still be room for some improvements. This is especially true when it comes to horsepower and torque. Your vehicle’s manufacturer may have done a great job creating a safe and functional vehicle, but that doesn’t necessarily mean full optimization of the exhaust system.


​+Horsepower and torque are often lacking when you buy a new vehicle. By adding your own aftermarket performance exhaust system, you can gain back some of that power in your engine. Your engine will be able to breathe a lot better, and all the extra gas that gets to escape through the new exhaust path makes for a more powerful experience.


​+Average factory exhausts come made from mild steel which tends to deteriorate over time.


​+Another benefit of an aftermarket performance system is the deepening of the “growl” your acceleration makes. This more aggressive exhaust note is preferred by many vehicle enthusiasts, especially those who prize their vehicle for its horsepower and want an acceleration sound that can match it.


+There are two types of bends used in making exhaust systems, and the type used makes a difference in the way air flows. The typical factory-made systems, as well as some aftermarket systems, use a "crush-bend" technique. This type of process creates a crinkled area in the pipes, which decreases the diameter and slows the exhaust gases. A "mandrel bend," on the other hand, is smooth, so the pipe remains at a constant diameter through the bend. That means there's less resistance, so you get more efficient airflow and better performance.


+No matter what direction you choose, an aftermarket exhaust is sure to add to your car or truck's performance, appearance, and sound. Whether you're looking for more power, show-quality looks, or both, the right exhaust system can change your car or truck for the better.

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